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Handpainted Round Glass Bottle With Fairy Lights/Freehand Painted Trees Scene


Handpainted Round Glass Bottle with beautiful trees in a circle. Look up laying down on the warm ground of the forest and you will see the night sky and the moon shining through the different tops of the trees.


Another piece inspired by nature. I painted these beautiful trees with beautiful glass paints and acrylics, embelished with glitter and fairy lights topper to add some more whimsy. Completely one-of-a-kind pieces. One side shows the moon and the stars that peek through the top of the trees looking at them from the other side, as if you are laying down in the grass, admiring the night sky, surrounded by whimsical trees.
I came up with a way to attach a single LED light to the inside of the cork topper and it works great!
You must be able to send me pictures of the home, the process takes at least a week, the special glass paint needs time to dry between layers, then embelishment take another day.


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