Handcrafted by Marineta Kropke

Hello, I am Marineta

My earliest recollections of crafting transport me back to my childhood in Bulgaria, an Eastern European nation brimming with boundless sources of inspiration, from awe-inspiring mountains and plains to rivers and lakes, the Black Sea, and the enduring legacy of my forebears' ancient architecture and culture, dating as far back as 5000 BC, over 1.4 million years ago.

At the heart of my passion for creating lies my mother, who played an integral role in instilling this love within me. For our family, crafting was a way of life, so ingrained that I assumed it was a universal skill, like walking or talking, and something that anyone could acquire with ease. However, I later learned that my mother possessed a natural gift for the arts, which she generously passed on to me. She taught me how to work with fibers, fabric, clay, and colors, even spinning wool from my grandparents' sheep, dying the yarn with stunning hues, knitting bespoke clothing items, weaving blankets on a loom, and designing and sewing unique outfits for me, which I proudly wore. My mother was the driving force behind all of these creations, and I was there to assist and learn.

Together, we fashioned exquisite accessories for every festive occasion, holiday, and tradition, imbued with a kaleidoscope of colors and infused with nature-inspired designs steeped in folklore.

Creative Process

The urge to create within me is all-consuming. At times, my ideas manifest themselves in my dreams, while on other occasions, they are sparked by tangible objects or materials that I come into contact with. Still, there are moments when my creative endeavors stem from a particular requirement or request put forth by others.

Pictured, Marineta with a bouquet of her Black Irises made from Italian crepe paper

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Discover the ideal gift for a loved one or yourself that is both unique and crafted by hand. Featuring an array of mediums and item types, each piece has been meticulously fashioned with inspiration drawn directly from the natural world.

Welcome to my world of creativity

Marineta Kropke


Dobrinka Gospodinova (left)

Marineta's Mom, Mentor and Biggest Supporter

Craft Room

A small view of Marineta's work space

Dahlias from Marineta's Garden

Botanical Inspirations

Inspired by Nature
Created with Love

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My garden is my source of inspiration

The beauty and uniqueness of flowers in my garden never cease to amaze me. Engaging in gardening not only brings me tranquility and elation but also nurtures my gratitude towards life's every stage. From germination to blossoming, be it a seed, a bulb, or a tuber, the growth journey is always enchanting. Whenever I recreate them through paper or clay, I ensure to capture every intricate detail to achieve perfection in my botanical replicas or designs. Thousands of pictures are taken to help me replicate each part of the flower with utmost accuracy.

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Big things start small

All of my endeavors stem from a spark of imagination or a solicitation. I meticulously craft the design, although some days, progress is prompt while on other occasions, a sense of dissatisfaction lingers. Each medium necessitates distinct processing times, be it paper, paints, glue, resin, fiber, clay, heat press, sublimation, graphics design - each undertaking possesses its own unique timeline. I refrain from commencing a new project until I conclude the current one in its entirety.

As a fine artist, I immerse myself in the intricate details of my creations for extended periods. My patrons seek collectible pieces that evoke a sense of emotional attachment. This creative endeavor is a reflection of my innermost yearning to express myself in a deliberate and attentive manner.