Handpainted Round Glass Bottle With Fairy Lights/Freehand Painted Trees Scene

Handpainted Round Glass Bottle with beautiful trees in a circle. Look up laying down on the warm ground of the forest and you will see the night sky and the moon shining through the different tops of the trees.

Custom Handpainted Glass Bottle With Fairy Lights/Freehand Painted Florals on Glass

Another piece inspired by my love for flowers. I painted these orchids for a customer…

CUSTOM Handpainted Glass Bottle of Your House with led light

Handpainted Custom design of your house on a glass bottle with a lighted top.

Winter Wonderland With a Red Vintage Truck Shadow Box Lighted Decor

This is a beautiful colorful winter scene with a vintage red truck surrounded by lights.…

Lily of the Valley under glass cloche/Clay Botanical Replica/Spring Flower/Return to Happiness/Purity/Lily of May

Handcrafted Lily of the Valley in a lighted Glass Cloche setting, made from clay or crepe paper.

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