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Real Size Paper Forget-Me-Nots

This delicate and beautiful spring flower is full of tiny florets and every single petal was hand-cut and assembled with

Crepe Paper Iris/Black Bearded Crepe paper Iris

Another one of my floral replicas, preserving the beautify of my garden flowers. The black bearded iris is an exact

Paper Lilac/ Spring Flower Replica

My most intricate and time consuming flower I’ve made so far. What a beautiful flower the lilac is! I’ve made

Flower Making Kit for a Garden Crepe Paper Rose

This kit includes pre-cut crepe paper petals for one Garden Rose. Also, you will find paper for leaves, sepals, floral

Crepe Paper Garden Rose Digital Instructions/Paper Flower PDF Tutorial Step-By-Step

Beginner/Intermediate Lever crepe paper expert: These are very detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to create a crepe paper

Yellow Nasturtium Crepe Paper Flower/Latinka/Frenche/Botanical Replica

This is a listing for one branch of a flower with leaves. The vase is not included. It is a