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Crepe Paper Garden Rose Digital Instructions/Paper Flower PDF Tutorial Step-By-Step



Beginner/Intermediate Lever crepe paper expert: These are very detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures on how to create a crepe paper garden rose from Italian crepe paper. Required materials are listed inside.

This Crepe Paper Garden Rose variation is designed mostly for the beginner paper florist or someone who would love to create a lasting floral gift to someone they love or for their own personal joy. Like everything else, practicing these flower making techniques improves with each new rose you make. I personally started my floral making journey with the rose and every rose I make is different but the basic skills I apply to all my flowers are mostly covered in this tutorial.

If you need any clarification, or maybe a video for some of the steps, feel free to contact me and I am happy to help.

With this listing, you receive an instant download link to a PDF file which will be yours to have in your own personal digital library, also print and use for reference at any time in your exploration of paper floral art.

You will need a PDF reader in order to be able to view the file after the download.

Disclaimer: All parts of this tutorial are copyrighted. No part of the tutorial may be reproduced, except for personal use, without consent of the author. No part of the tutorial may be shared or sold without consent of the author. Flowers and leaves produced using this template may be sold by the user.


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