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Personalized Gnome/Profession Gift/Custom Order Gift


10 in stock (can be backordered)


Whimsical little guys and gals made out of clay and handpainted with metallic acrylic paint. I made them with clay and I had so much fun decorating them with tiny details. The boys have white glitter on their beards. They are hollow inside and not heavy at all, but stand firmly on a flat surface.

This listing is for Custom Designed Figurine of a Gnome, which might reflect a profession, hair color, anything unique that might feature a characteristic of the person you want it for, or yourself. The main image features a Hairdresser Gnome, with the name of Ella, which is my personal hairdresser and she already received this gnome from me last Christmas. The images are only as a reference. You could have a Firefighter Gnome, A Nurse Gnome, A Police Officer Gnome, A Dentist Gnome, An Eye Doctor Gnome, Pharmacist Gnome, Musical Gnome, Teacher Gnome, so many ideas! I really love coming up with the designs for these cute guys. Give me an idea and I will do my best to make it! let me know and I can try personalizing it. It would take a bit longer to complete, since the process requires drying and painting.
Make sure you check the other Gnomes in my other listing 🙂

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in

paper, acrylic paint

Custom Request Profession

If you wish to have a custom design for a specific profession or features, please contact me with specific details. Time for delivery will slightly increase due to it being designed after purchase have been placed.


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