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Crepe Paper Iris/Black Bearded Crepe paper Iris

Another one of my floral replicas, preserving the beautify of my garden flowers. The black bearded iris is an exact

Red Nasturtium Floral Sculpture from crepe paper/Botanical Replica/Floral Art and Decor

I created this botanical replica of one of my favorite flowers in my garden. I cut out each petal and

LARGE Macrame Wall Hanging 100% Cotton/Knotted Boho Sheek/Wedding Backdrop/Tapestry/Weaving

A beautiful macramé knotted by me with high quality 100% Cotton rope made in USA. The design came together one

Blue Christmas Tree under a glass dome with handpainted snow/Handmade Foil Embelished Paper/Christmas Decor/Magical Gifts/Holiday Decor

A whimsical tree made with the finest handmade paper, placed under a glass dome, sitting on glittered corked base, hand-painted

Yellow Nasturtium Crepe Paper Flower/Latinka/Frenche/Botanical Replica

This is a listing for one branch of a flower with leaves. The vase is not included. It is a

Lighted Fairy Tree in a glass terrarium/Spring Whimsical LED blooming tree/Handmade Miniature Tree

This is a whimsical lighted tree embellished with tiny paper flowers and leaves, sitting in a bed of moss and

Lily of the Valley/Crepe Paper Botanical Replica/Spring White Flower/Return to Happiness/Purity/Lily of May

This delicate and beautiful spring flower was recreated from actual Lily of the Valley growing in my garden. The tiny