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Tiny Gnomes from clay/Handsculpted Gnomes/Handpainted Whimsical Creatures



Whimsical little guys and gals made out of clay and handpainted with metallic acrylic paint. I made them with clay and I had so much fun decorating them with tiny details. The boys have white glitter on their beards. They are hollow inside and not heavy at all, but stand firmly on a flat surface.

This listing is for the smallest size, close to 1 inch tall, boy or girl gnome.
Make sure you check the larger ones in my other listing 🙂
If you have an idea for a gnome holding something, or his hat decorated with something specific, let me know and I can try personalizing it. It would take a bit longer to complete, since the process requires drying and painting. The available gnomes are ready to ship the next business day.

Stay tuned for my next series of gnomes featuring hanging ornament bell design.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 2 in

paper, acrylic paint

Hat Color

Golden hat with white design, Aqua hat with white snowflake, Dark blue hat with white design, Grey hat with white design, Green hat with whte design, Magenda hat with white design, Brown hat with white design


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