Why ART?

Why I create ART?

I love learning and art to me is a continuous LEARNING process that enriches my mind and prepares it for my next piece.

Art is a form of expression that involves experimentation with different mediums and colors, applying various techniques, and utilizing tools like diagrams and drawings. While it may involve elements of MATHEMATICS, such as an understanding of structure, volume, and dimensions, it is not a science. These concepts may be approximated or measured, but mastering them helps in problem-solving and creating art that is aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.

Art is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE that involves learning the names of pigments, colors, and paper from around the world in languages such as Italian, German, English, and Japanese. It is a universal language that speaks to everyone, offering a unique insight into different cultures and times.

Art is a reflection of HISTORY, representing the environment in which it was created. It requires physical coordination of fingers, hands, arms, eyes, and mind, making it a form of Physical and Mindful Activity.

Creating art demands independent, organized THINKING and RESEARCH, often involving real specimens, images, and mediums.

Through ART, human beings can utilize their experiences and ideas to create something unique, infused with feelings, emotions, and beauty and provoke the same in others.

2 thoughts on “Why ART?

  1. Alana says:

    Marineta! This is beautifully done! So proud of you!! Xxoo

    1. marineta says:

      Alana, thank you so much for taking the time to check it out! It means a lot to me!!!

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