Why do I have such a variety of items?

The abundance of different mediums I use to create my final pieces may overwhelm some, and even I can be taken aback when seeing them all together. However, each item possesses a unique story, purpose, and significance. I’m inexplicably drawn to surround myself with numerous beautiful objects and one alone is insufficient. Although some may perceive it as cluttered, this assemblage brings me immense joy, much like it would for collectors who share my passion for acquiring and crafting aesthetically pleasing things. At times, I may feel compelled to organize and clear some space, but my mind quickly yearns to fill the void with something new. While there may be psychological explanations for my behavior, as long as it continues to elicit positive emotions, I see no issue with it. The only challenge I face is a lack of physical space, but my creative impulses refuse to be stifled.